Join Us at the Forefront of Educational Leadership - SAPA National Conference

Step into the heart of innovation and collaboration at the SAPA National Conference, where the theme “Connecting Through Diversity: Shaping the Future of Education Together” comes to life. As the Gauteng branch proudly hosts this gathering, public school principals and deputy principals from across South Africa are invited to lead the way. Together, we will navigate the future of education, driven by our diverse experiences and united by a common goal. It’s time to make a difference in our nation’s schools – register now to be a part of this transformative journey.

Register now from just ZAR 6 370.

Create Impact:
Sponsor a School Leader

Extend your influence beyond borders by sponsoring a principal from a no-fee paying school to attend the conference. Your support can light the spark of progress for schools that stand to benefit the most. Sponsorship is not just a donation; it’s a statement that every leader deserves the tools to excel — and you can provide them.

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About SAPA

The South African Principals Association (SAPA), established in 1995, is dedicated to uplifting education leadership and management across the nation. SAPA fosters professional development and encourages impactful interactions among educational leaders. Independent of political affiliations and open to members of various teacher unions, SAPA operates with a commitment to non-partisanship. 

The association functions on a provincial level, organizing local initiatives and addressing educational matters within each province. Driven by a volunteer spirit, SAPA’s work is carried out by members who generously contribute their time without remuneration. The association is primarily funded through annual membership fees, with a portion allocated for national initiatives.