David Molapo is a leading management consultant, educator, and renowned motivational speaker known for his ability to captivate audiences with a unique blend of humour, incredible stage presence, and personal life experiences. Each year, he motivates and inspires over a million people in South Africa, equipping them with the confidence and tools to transform their lives and positively impact those around them. David addresses various subjects: Quality Management, Communication, Entrepreneurial Skills, Team Building, Leadership, Affirmative Action, and Accepting Change. Among the 50 books he has authored, “Growing Up Spiritually,” “The 10 Exciting Keys to Success,” and “If You Are Not Growing, You Are Dying” are standout works that have significantly influenced readers. Linkedin

Saray Khumalo is an award-winning mountaineer, a Mandela Libraries ambassador, a social entrepreneur, a mother of two boys and also an executive in one of the distinguished financial institutions in South Africa. She has over time demonstrated her commitment to making a difference in her environment through mountaineering. Saray delivers motivational and actionable talks to drive meaningful outcomes for organisations and communities. By climbing the 7 Summits with a Purpose Journey, Saray aims to encourage ordinary people or organisations to aim higher and be extraordinary.

Steve Sherman is the Chief Imagination Officer for Living Maths, a STEAM-based NGO in Cape Town, South Africa. A distinguished educator, Steve has received the Global Teacher award, delivered two TEDx talks, and is a Microsoft Innovative Education Expert. He stands out as one of only two Global Learning Mentors in South Africa and serves as a Kahoot Ambassador and verified Educator, as well as a Mote Certified Educator. In addition to his local impact, Steve is the outreach officer for the Humans to Mars Summit in the USA and coordinates one of the world’s largest maths olympiads and the Annual Living Maths Space Tour in South Africa. Balancing his professional achievements, Steve is also a dedicated father of two teenagers. Linkedin

Zanele Njapha is the CEO of The UnLearners, a Forbes Contributor specialising in navigating organisational change, and a Neuro Coach for transformative leaders. She is the Chair of The UnLearning Children Foundation and an award-winning TEDx speaker. Additionally, Zanele serves on the faculty at Duke Corporate Education, where she leverages her expertise to educate and inspire future leaders. Her multifaceted roles highlight her commitment to fostering growth and adaptability in both individuals and organisations. Linkedin